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Tattooing over previous eyeliner

Taking a previous thicker faded liner and refreshing it doesn't always require the new artist to follow the existing design.  

At first, my client requested a new soft thin lower liner and a solid black upper liner cover up over her 6 year faded permanent makeup.  Although I personally don't begin new liner with wings or tails, I could either darken over previous work  or I have an option to create a new design.   I explained to my client that her faded steely grey-blue liner could act as a shadow above a  black, dark defined line in the lash line.  I also thought this would look nice with the soft lower line request.  She liked the new design idea so I tattooed it.

Note that the previous work has yellowish color above the old line.  This is usually a highlight that could have been white and turned yellow over time,  or there was a dark mistake that the artist tried to cover with  lighter ink. In this case, the highlight looks like faded white ink that yellowed. This is sometimes referred to as a "French liner" with a highlight above the darker eyeliner.  

The highlight fade looks ok and the trio of the black in lash line, faded steely blue-grey, and the yellow highlight all seem to work as a new design.

 Needles:  For a dense tight upper liner I chose Tina Davies .253RLLT.  I used tight back and forth and line over line movements.

Using a slow machine speed the lower is pixeled in with .251RLWhip Shader by Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies. The single needles helps keep my line thin and the pixel technique keep the line shady.


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Liner Shader Guide

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