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Five Curved Magnum vs Five Stacked Magnum

curved magnum needles Feb 27, 2021

 Just by the name "5 Magnum" these two needle cartridges seem like they would be similar, however, the words curved and stacked are what make these needles quite unique. 

Imagine the pattern difference between these to 5 magnums.  The curved magnum will leave a loose ink pattern in the skin verses the 5 stacked magnum, which will leave a denser ink pattern. 

The  hand movements with these needles in my experience are different. With a curved magnum I can move with loose ovals, forward brushing, back brushing and  pendulum movements..  Where as the stacked mag, will require more forward type movements and less side to side movements or the sharp corners can tear or create nicks in the skin. 

I personally prefer the looser curved magnum because of the freedom of movements I can do,  but I know artists do nice work with the stacked magnum.  

Each needle requires unique hand movements.

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