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How speed can affect your tattooed lines

Uncategorized May 16, 2020

When we tattoo hair strokes or are doing lining, sometimes our results aren't as expected, but why? One reason is our speed.

Inconsistent Speed- Basically what's happening is that  the hand is moving slow and fast resulting in an inconsistent line with some areas receiving more or less pigment than others. The line will look "skippy". Usually slowing down hand speed will help achieve a solid line.

Inconsistent Depth- Factors such as needle throw, machine stroke, skin type and pressure all come into play.  Feeling the needle vibration in  the skin with the stretching hand helps control the needle depth. Inconsistent depth and pressure results in lines that may appear thicker and blurred when the needle is too deep or the opposite is not enough pressure which results in  a thinner line that is too surface and won't last after healing. 

Consistent Speed and Depth- The harmony of hand and machine speed and proper depth result in consistent line saturation and consistent line weight.





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Liner Shader Guide

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