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Areola Tattoo Techniques

Usually I employ several techniques when Im working on a procedure, especially when Im tattooing an areola. This is a 4 year faded case when the initial goal  had started more of a tan soft color.  

My client wanted more pink so I incorporated a couple different pink tones over the existing color trying to create some texture variations with color. Since the color had faded and was rather flat, the pinks showed up over the top.

 I find that If the previous ink color isn't too dark,  tattooing over it turns out nice for  both areolas, brows and lips and even eyes.  The new ink, instead of finding its placement in the skin has  some type of  substrate (previous ink) to "grab".  

The pixel technique, that leaves open color space, is quite effective over previous color and it also lets the previous color glow through.  I used a 3RL instead of a 1RL. so that I could get in more color and see more texture from the...

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What Can I do for Breast Cancer Month?

We all like to help and this is one way to reinforce your relationship with referring doctors and also a way to reach potential new referral sources.

Donating a procedure on behalf of the doctor or other business puts them in good light and you as well. 

Here's some verbiage you can use on a gift certificate that the doctor can give to a patient per their discretion:


A special gift 

 On behalf of  Dr. XXXXXXX

Your Name, Permanent Cosmetic Expert, offers you an Areola Tattoo procedure.  

 The permanent cosmetic restoration phase is the final step after breast reconstruction. The natural appearance of the  restorative tattooing procedure brings back the shape and color of the areola complex. 

This is simple and the certificates can be given to the doctors or business of your choice.  

 To your PMU success,

PMU Artist & Needle Specialist
Inside Needle Knowledge

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IG jillhoyer


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Liner Shader Guide

This chart helps you pay attention to your hand speed, machine speed, and hand movements when using liners for a liner effect and shaders for a shaded effect.

It also shows how you can use:

  • Liners for a shaded effect 
  • Shaders for a liner effect

A great go-to chart is just the beginning!