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Areola Tattooing with Pointillism

3 round liner pointillism Nov 13, 2023

After the 1st pass…

(Post mastectomy and reconstruction due to breast cancer)

In the video I’ve finished my first pass. Im layering in texture and details with a pure ink (no dilution).
This can be done after my first pass and/or reinforced at the end of the procedure.

You will mainly see 2 techniques with a 3RL that add:


Pointillism- a controlled in and out movement that adds specific color and works well over scar areas with light-medium pressure depending on the thickness of the skin and scar.

Stippling- a looser more surface movement that “speckles” in color with no specific pattern. This works well for texture and I often cross dip colors (no rinsing) as the desired result is mottled.

See the next post for a continuation using a curved magnum needle.

If you’re new to areola tattooing, I do suggest incorporating multiple needles.
For my style of breast work, I usually have 2-4 needles to give a realistic areola and 3D...

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3 Round Liner vs 3 Round Liner Tattoo Needles

Hello PMU Artists,
Have you ever noticed the differences  in how a 3 Round liner or shader needle are arranged? Maybe you're tattooing and seeing a different pattern when you switch from brow to brow or you notice a color difference.  Maybe your eyeliner got too thick on the inner part...

Of course this can be one of many "needle influencers" such as your speed, stretch angle depth, or pressure, but for a start, I would recommend to take a close look at your needle arrangement.

Are you leading your needle with 1 needle or 2?
Not only can the needle spacing be unique to each needle manufacturer but the needle arrangement is to consider as well.

 If you're trying to create a very thin line on the inner portion of the eyeliner, or a crisp line for lips it is most helpful to recognize exactly how your needles are configured so you can be precise when tattooing. 

Once you pay attention to this you may find yourself rotating your machine  for those tiny details...

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Liner Shader Guide

This chart helps you pay attention to your hand speed, machine speed, and hand movements when using liners for a liner effect and shaders for a shaded effect.

It also shows how you can use:

  • Liners for a shaded effect 
  • Shaders for a liner effect

A great go-to chart is just the beginning!